Worth of Android Auto Head Units

Despite big efforts by way of automobile manufacturers, infotainment systems nonetheless do not measure up to what is available on our pills and phones. Eight out of 10 Americans want Apple Carplay in their subsequent vehicle, and for the accurate cause. Infotainment systems may be difficult to use and make contributions to crashes, yet manufacturers appear greater interested by allowing you to buy espresso whilst you power than improve protection and the user interface. Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are short patches that do provide a greater car-friendly interface for a restrained quantity of applications. But why not just create an infotainment gadget that runs Android?

Worth of Android Auto Head Units

That’s exactly what electronics manufacturer Seicane has finished. Seicane makes not simply head units, however complete kits available for a huge kind of automobiles that replace your manufacturing unit device with an Android it’s included together with your vehicle, yet assist you to run pretty a good deal any regular Android app. When I saw that Seicane gives an Android gadget for my 2015 Subaru WRX I reached out to them to peer about reviewing it. Seicane agreed to send me one for the fee of transport the unit from China.

Worthy of observing before buying this unit is that it has no CD participant, nor does it help Sirius/XM satellite tv for pc radio,  functions that even the WRX’s maximum simple stereo has. If either of these features is essential to you, you may want to look somewhere else considering you’ll lose these functions with this device. Personally, I either circulate tune from my iPhone or through Pandora, so this becomes now not a trouble for me. There’s also a microSD slot you can use to load up music on a card, plug it in, and play it on the road.

Is It Worth It?

At the cease of the day, is it well worth $425 plus the sacrifice of CDs and satellite tv for pc radio to run a natural Android infotainment machine? After using the Seicane head unit for more than one weeks, my answer is “sincerely.” Even with the model-12 months-unique quirks in my vehicle, set up became properly inside my mild however no longer expert talents. Functionality is tremendous, and now that it’s set up the manner I need it this unit is the last tablet within the dashboard to address all my infotainment desires better than any inventory infotainment machine I’ve visible. Chrysler’s exceptional Uconnect machine comes close in capability, however even it lacks the flexibility of the Android working device to set this up any manner you need.

Is having an Android at the dashboard distracting? No more than another infotainment gadget. In fact, I’ve determined there to be fewer distractions than once I used my smartphone for Waze and Pandora. I deliberately did not set up notifications for new email or Facebook messages, so I’m now not tempted to study them while using, even at the same time as stopped effectively at a crimson light. So in that way, I would say having the Seicane head unit in my dashboard is more secure and less distracting than using my smartphone.

There are much less high priced head devices available that emulate a whole lot of this functionality—for instance, the Sony XAV-AX100, or the Pioneer MVH-2300NEX. But you’ll want to pay more for wiring harnesses and set up hardware, which drives the price better than the Seicane unit. Plus those other head units are only Android Auto and Apple CarPlay well suited. They do not run the Android operating gadget natively like the Seicane.

It may be a touch too geeky for some humans, but I’m a geek, and I suppose it’s extraordinary. Although my unit becomes designed particularly for the Subaru WRX, Seicane makes them for numerous motors, in addition to the same old double-DIN head unit length that many vehicles use. If you’re searching out an infotainment machine that packs a chunk extra punch and offers more flexibility than maximum, I’d propose this one.

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