2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors – Which is Better?

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors

Although people believe that a two-stroke outboard motor is more efficient and powerful compared to a four-stroke motor board, it is essential to know that these two units work perfectly well.

The two outboard motors have enjoyed technological advancement. Since you have only decided to choose between the two models, this article provides you details on the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each outboard motor.

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors

Two-Stroke Outboard Motor

Unlike a four-stroke outboard motor, a two-stroke outboard is a kind of internal combustion engine that completes a power cycle with up and down movements of the piston during one crankshaft revolution. This comes with an explosion stroke alongside with a two-stroke engine.

Both the explosion stroke and two-stroke engines make use of the already compressed fuel. Two-stroke outboard motors do not come with valves, and this makes it very easy for boat owners to operate them. Likewise, they are built simple even for beginners to use them. This model is clean-running, smooth, and at the same time, quiet.

For every cycle of the piston, the crankshaft will turn once. Then, the engine produces power once every two strokes of the piston. The model features a single chamber with two ports joined to it. While the first port enables the air and fuel to come into the engine, the second port allows the used up gas to leave the engine.

Since there are twice as many strokes for every revolution, this model gives double the power of its size. One major feature you would love about the two-stroke outboard motor is that it is significantly light and less expensive to purchase. Maintaining a two-stroke outboard motor is cheap and easy to fix.


Smaller & Lighter

One of the significant benefits of using a two-stroke outboard motor is that it is portable and compact. These features make it perfect for use in smaller applications. Likewise, it is also easy to assemble a smaller and lighter outboard board.


Another advantage of a two-stroke outboard motor is that it is less expensive to purchase. This is because it has a smaller design. Meanwhile, it is also easy to repair. Therefore, you would have no difficulties buying or repairing a two-stroke outboard


Not Durable

One of the problems many boat owners complained about this model is that it does not last for years. Unlike the four-stroke outboard engine, this model only works for a short period.

Not Fuel Efficient

When compared to four-stroke outboard motors, two-stroke outboard motors are less fuel-efficient. You tend to make use of a lot of gallons while riding fewer miles. Likewise, the product releases more emissions.

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Four-Stroke Outboard Motors

A four-stroke outboard motor is a type of internal combustion engine that needs four of the piston to complete a power cycle during two crankshaft revolutions. The five combustion cycle stages occur in four strokes of the piston in a four-stroke engine.

For every one cycle of the piston, the crankshaft makes two rotations. The power in a four-stroke motor is produced one time for every four strokes. To keep the motor running efficiently, thousands of four-stroke motors manufactured today come with high-tech computer management systems.

Four phases involved in the stroke include intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Unlike the two-stroke outboard motor, this unit is more complicated. However, it is more durable and reliable than other engines on the market today.

Maintaining a four-stroke outboard is a bit difficult and stressful. This is because it comes with internal oil reservoirs and sumps, which require frequent oil level checks. Likewise, you need to change the oil and replace the filter at least once a year.



Apart from the fact that four-stroke outboard motors perform significantly, these units are also amazingly fuel-efficient. If you ride with them on a long-distance, indeed, you are only going to use a few gallons of oil. Likewise, these models put out few emissions while you ride with them.

Produces Less Noise

For boat owners who are in search of a stroke outboard motor that gives a quitter option, the four-stroke outboard motor is a perfect choice for you. No matter how long you drive your boat, this unit will make no noise. Likewise, they are durable and don’t require oil to work.



One major drawback of this model is that it has a heavyweight. This makes it difficult for you to move it from one area to another. Also, it is not a perfect model for smaller applications. It is a bit expensive to purchase.


Four-stroke outboard motors are not easy to maintain. For installation and repairing, you need a professional service team since it is complicated for you to fix. Therefore, you will spend additional cash to keep it working. Also, you need to clean, change the oil, replace the filter regularly to prevent it from breaking down.

How to Change Engine Oil on Four-Stroke Outboard

How to Choose Between Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Outboard Motor

Choosing between a two-stroke and four-stroke motor can be tricky. This is because both engines have many features in common. However, to pick the right model that suits your taste. Here are a few tips to know.


For boat owners who are in search of a luxury stroke outboard motor to invest in, the four-stroke engine is an ideal one for you. The model does not break down easily, like other units. On the other hand, two-stroke outboard motors are less expensive and perfect for users who are looking for a model that does not break the bank!

Durability and Reliability

Four-stroke motors are durable compared to two-stroke units. This is because the model is built to last you for years. They come with luxurious features and excellent functionality. Meanwhile, the two-stroke motors have a faster combustion cycle, which runs at a higher RPMs cycle. However, they only work for a short period.

Power and Speed

If you are looking for a stroked motor that has a faster pick-up speed, the two-stroke outboard motor is what you are looking for. The model offers you both power and speed. It works faster than a four-stroke outboard motor.

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard | Which is better?

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