How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck and The Different Ways to Do It

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck

If you own a truck, you will most probably agree with me that you are on a constant struggle in thinking of different ways to have it improved. These improvements are not only in terms of aesthetics, but also for the purpose of improving its performance. It is an upgrade that does not only change your truck’s appearance, but also enhances your off-road driving experience.

In the rest of this short guide, I will let you know how much does it cost to lift a truck. To begin with, I will discuss some of the reasons why you might want to do it. Meanwhile, the main section will focus on the different methods of lifting a truck and the associated costs. That being said, you will learn not only about budgetary concerns but also some of the best ways to do it.

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck

How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Truck

Why You Should Lift your Truck

To begin with, let me give you some reasons on why you might want to consider lifting your truck. Yes, it can be a costly upgrade, but the costs can be easily justified given the abundance of the benefits that it will be able to bring.

Improved Look

As it has been mentioned in the introduction, one of the reasons why many owners consider lifting their truck is because it makes it look better. A lifted truck that is complemented with bigger tires will look like a beast on the road. This will make you the center of attraction and the subject of envy amongst many other truck owners.

Improved Towing

A lot would buy a truck rather than a sedan or an SUV because of its high towing capacity, making it able to support and pull heavier weight. If you raise your truck, one of the benefits is that it will be easier to tow. When it is not lifted, towing can add stress to the suspension system, which will inevitably speed its wear and tear. If it is lifted, load-handling will be improved.

Higher Ground Clearance

If you use your truck in city driving, this is one benefit that you might not be able to appreciate. On the other hand, if you often travel to places with rough roads and rocks, lifting the truck will be a good idea. It will make the components underneath safer. It will have a better angle and you will be confident that its parts will not be easily damaged.

Comfortable Driving Experience

This is again another benefit that will be realized if you use your truck for a lot of off-road riding. The higher it is, the more comfortable you will be. It will be easier to get rid of rocks and debris and you won’t feel too much of the roughness of the road. Your ride is sure to be a lot smoother even in tough terrains.

Better Overall Performance

This is going to appropriately sum up all of the good things about lifting your truck. The initial costs can be high, but in the long-run, you will enjoy financial benefits, such as better gas mileage. To add, you can also save on maintenance costs. More so, braking can also be better, which is a good way to ensure your safety.

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Different Ways to Lift a Truck and Costs Involved

Now that you know why lifting a truck is a good idea, in this section, let me walk you through some of the best methods at how it can be done, and of course, the average costs that are involved. To make things easier, costs will be expressed in dollars. Take note, however, that these are all rough estimates and not exact figures.

Use a Leveling Kit

When it comes to lifting a truck, this is one of the most popular methods that you may want to consider. It is also one of the easiest and the cheapest, which makes it even more popular. With most of the leveling kits that are available on the market today, you can instantly lift a truck from one to three inches.

As the name implies, however, it will not lift the truck both in the front and the rear. Rather, the main purpose is to have the clearance leveled with each other. It is also known as front coil spring. This is basically because since most trucks can be taller in its rear than the front, a leveling kit will make its height the same in the front and back.

One of the reasons why many people opt for this method is because it does not affect the warranty from the manufacturer of the vehicle. In the future, if you no longer need it, such as if the truck is leased and it needs to be returned, you can easily remove the leveling kit and restore the truck to its original state.

The cheapest leveling kit can cost as low as $30. If you want the best performance for your truck, however, use premium products. A good example of this will be polyurethane coil spacer kits, which can cost as much as $500. Some kits can go as much as $2,000, especially those with anti-sway bar end links. More so, the approximate cost of labor is $500.

Use Block Kit

In the case of the method that has been mentioned above, you are leveling the front of the truck with the back. On the other hand, with this method, you will be raising only the rear. It adds height to the vehicle without the need to pay a hefty price. The best thing is that you can do this on your own. The absence of professional intervention makes it a cheap choice.

The average cost of the block kits that you can find on the market is $30 to $600. The quality of the block kit will dictate the price that you will have to pay for the product. If you do not want to install them on your own, you can opt to go to a mechanic, but this could add as much as $500 to the overall cost.

Use a Body Lift Kit

With a body kit, you can add up to three inches on the height of your truck. The good thing about the use of this method is that it affects only the height of the cabin. It does not manipulate the suspension of the truck. A urethane block is used in this method to lift the truck. Bumper brackets and spacers may also be used to modify other components that will be affected.

On average, body lift kits will cost from $80 to $2,300. The labor can be up to $1,000. There are different factors that will have an impact on its price, such as the brand and model of the truck that you have. The quality of the components that will be used will also have a huge effect on the overall cost of this method of lifting a truck.

If you opt for this method, professional installation is needed because it can be complicated. Plus, doing the job can possibly take up to eight hours.

Use a Suspension Lift Kit

Compared to the two methods that have been mentioned above, this is more expensive. Nonetheless, cost should never be an issue as this will definitely be worth the money that you will spend. This will lift not only a specific part, but the entire truck. This will include the suspension and the frame, allowing the use of larger tires and higher ground clearance, among other things.

The suspension lift kit has a price that can be as much as $5,000. The installation can cost as much as $1,200. This is a complicated process and will take quite some time to complete. Again, the costs will be highly dependent on the truck that you have, plus the quality of the components that will be used.

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So, how much does it cost to lift a truck? As it has been mentioned above, this will depend on the methods at which it will be done. Using a leveling kit and block kit are two of the most affordable choices, although they lift only the front or the rear.

For the best outcomes, you can use body or suspension kits, but they will be more expensive. At the end of the day, you should look beyond costs. Think of the benefits of lifting a truck, and with this, you will realize that your money will not be put to waste.

You will be able to enjoy not only improved appearance, but there will also be better performance, especially because of better towing and higher ground clearance. Plus, you will be able to use larger tires!


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